Choosing Your Wedding Colors

The Wedding Planner: Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Getting married? Colors are inspirational. They ignite thrills in us that sparks love and appreciation for them. Having a themed wedding like; a Vintage Princess themed wedding or a Whimsically Classy wedding brings excitement to your wedding party and guest but it will take a lot of work, research and attention. Color is truly an extension of who we are and how we’re built. The hues you choose as a bride will affect absolutely everything — from the style, texture, ink and paper choices of your invitation letters to the dresses your bridesmaids’ will wear to your floral and other accessorized centerpieces, your tablecloths and every little edible décor on the cake!

Don’t stray from the plan, Stick to it!

The keys to a successful wedding are planning and organizing! Be sure to search the internet, read popular printed materials like magazines or e-Articles. Visit art galleries or just simply ask a friends “who’ve been there and done that” for advice, because all these options are all great sources of inspiration. Additionally, choosing a color combo just because it’s the hottest thing now and everyone’s using will easily turn into a “uniform theme” wedding that you ideally don’t want. Think outside of the box and make “this idea” your own, after all, this is your wedding day and it should be special and unique to you and yours.

Let your environment motivate you

Let’s consider colors in our everyday life. Colors produce a kind feeling that stimulates our thought process and contribute to how we think. Take for example; when you choose a polish for your manicure or when you decide to add a pop of color to your hair or even when you paint a room in your home, the choice of color will evoke a sensation. So, That’s it! Choose what motivates you. Choose colors that fascinate you. Choose colors that ignite passion in you or colors that scream calm and serene, or better yet, colors that make you excited and energized — isn’t that what life’s all about?

Choosing a location can burst open loads of ideas

Finding the perfect venue can inspire your color choice. You simply can’t go wrong when you choose a venue that is as plain as day and make it into your canvas—turning it into a masterpiece with splashes of our own color and touch.

Figure out your priorities!

Brides tend to get overwhelmed and confused about what’s more important and what’s not. Some may say the venue is usually the most important choice, while others may say the bridal party and the bride’s dresses are more important. What really matters is not always what you think. Subsequently, it all boils down to careful planning and prioritizing properly. If you’ve always fantasized about having your wedding overflowing with Stephanotis and Peony, then use that as a starting point for your palette.

50 shades of the season

You can make your wedding color scheme be inspired by the time of year you’re tying the knot. Magenta, Poppy, and Yellow are perfect for Alfresco summer weddings, while Tangerine, Orange, and Yellow are for a modern summer wedding. For Spring, a Black, Pale Green and White pairs well with other gemstones, and blush and silver are a pretty wintry combo. Try to avoid anticipated color schemes. Maybe you wish to have a fall wedding; the Fall season carries a robust mix of colors that are fashion-forward and unique.

Take your time and most importantly, have fun! Try not to rush a second of the process because it’s easy to get carried away and become overwhelmed by all the planning and organizing. These simple yet helpful tips should get you on your way in no time. Thank us later!